About MeThe man. The myth. The designer.

Picture of me! Jake Kemerer.

Where I'm from

I grew up in Greensburg, PA which is about 45 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh. My grandfather got me interested in drawing and storytelling at a very young age. When I was about 7 we created a comic strip about a mouse named Scrapps, who had a knack for solving mysteries. One comic featured Scrapps as a contestant on Jeopardy and when the shows host Alex Trebek goes missing, Scrapps jumps into action unraveling the mystery and catching the kidnapper!

I continued to draw and write though high school and decided to go to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for graphic design. In 2009 I graduated with my Bachelors degree, moved to Michigan and have been designing ever since!

Where I am

I am a graphic designer and marketing coordinator for Genesys Health System. I design logos, websites, ad campaigns and printed materials for various programs and affiliate companies. In my free time I provide design and marketing solutions for individuals and business both big and small.

Where I want to go

I am currently seeking a full-time position with a design studio or advertising agency. With over 5 years design and marketing experience, I feel I would be a strong addition to any creative team.

SkillsIt's not bragging if you can back it up.

From small businesses to large corporations, it's important to have a memorable logo design that sticks with customers. I have a strong understanding of how logo design and corporate identity work together within the overall brand.

I've designed websites for individuals and businesses both big and small. I have a strong understanding of grid layout systems, typography and responsive web design. I am also familiar with WordPress and other CMS platforms.

From brochures and booklets to package design, if it can be printed I can design it. I know how to properly prepare files for production and I'm familiar with various printing methods such as screen printing, letterpress, digital and offset printing.

With over 5 years marketing experience, I have a strong understanding of online marketing and how blogging, social media, email and mobile marketing work together. I'm also familiar with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Software Knowledge

  • Adobe Illustrator 90%

  • Adobe Photoshop 90%

  • Adobe InDesign 80%

  • Adobe Dreamweaver 75%

Web Design

  • HTML 90%

  • CSS 75%

  • WordPress 70%

  • Javascript 25%

Hobbies & InterestsAll work and no play makes Jake a dull boy.

  • Dogs - I love dogs! There's nothing in this world I enjoy more than taking the dogs for a walk or to the lake to go swimming.
  • Riding my bike - The pedal variety, no motorcycle yet. I enjoy trail riding and going for long distance bike rides.
  • Listening to podcasts - I'm addicted to podcasts. Some of my favorites include Radiolab, Ted Radio Hour and Stuff You Should Know.
  • Reading - When I'm not reading design magazines I read how-to books, biographies and books about history, sociology and politics. I'm also a sucker for detective novels, mysteries and science fiction.
  • Television - We are currently going through the Renaissance of television. Shows like Breaking Bad, House of Cards and True Detective continue move the bar and inspire creative story lines and interesting television.
  • Film - Film has always been a passion of mine. Some of my favorite directors include the Coen brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese.
  • Music - Give me a record player, a copy of Miles Davis's Kind of Blue, a recliner and a pair of Bose headphones and I'm set for the night. Music is my meditation.
  • Sports - Unscripted story lines, bitter rivalries, awe inspiring athleticism and history that's steeped in tradition are just a couple reasons I enjoy watching sports.
  • Food - I enjoy cooking it, I enjoy eating eat and when I move into a house I'll enjoy growing it!

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